Vive Auto:最佳行业应用奖

3月22日在旧金山举办的GDC (游戏开发者大会)上颁布了VDA 2(第二届Viveport开发者大赛)的获奖名单。

易晨VR蝉联Vive Wave最佳行业应用奖。今年的获奖作品是公司发布在Viveport上的免费看车软件Vive Auto。

此款软件运用Vive Focus定位带给您全方位沉浸式看车体验。


ViveAuto is a VR application that utilises Vive Focus for car browsing. ViveAuto provides an immersive experience for viewing automobiles from all angles. Vivid scenes will provide the user with inspiration at their fingertips. Meanwhile, changing car body color is simple. The user can instantly select the most suitable color and preview how it will look in a multitude of real life scenes. Settings range from sunset, desert to grass. The App is powered by Unity and published on Viveport platform. All rights reserved by YC VR Technology.